Anna E. Cook


Anna E. Cook: UX Designer, speaker, instructor, Master’s student.


UX Designer

Dedicated to building inclusive and accessible products

Alloy Beryllium

A series of interviews, research, and audits to improve the user experience and interface of a customized Drupal 8 product

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Kilpatrick Townsend

Interface design, interaction design, and responsive strategy to promote the e-discovery division of Kilpatrick Townsend

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Redhat Developer

Competitive analysis, strategy, wireframes, and adaptation of the renewed brand into a scalable design system for the Red Hat developer network

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Office Evolution

Redesign with renewed strategy, user experience, interface and visual redesign for Office Evolution co-working solutions

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Donate Life

User experience strategy, interface redesign, and unique visual designs to increase online registration for organ donation

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The role of a UX designer is to be empathetic, and one good way to express that is through human-centered, scalable, inclusive, and unique illustrations.

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