Designer, Speaker, Illustrator, Master's Student



Hi, I'm Anna. πŸ‘‹

Designer, Speaker, Illustrator, pursuing a Master's of Science in Technology, Media, and Society (she/her).

I am a designer focused on UX, UI, and interaction design. Currently, I am a UX Designer at Transamerica in Denver, Colorado. With over seven years of professional experience, I use a combination of research and creative thinking to develop insightful design strategies. I have been privileged to work and grow with a diverse range of clients. My design approach is pragmatic, influenced by user interviews, data and analytics. I use these resources to create designs that meet stakeholder needs and user goals, while having artistic flair.

"Anna is basically a 65-year-old CEO trapped inside a young person’s body."  ― UX Research Lead at Transamerica

My friends and colleagues lovingly refer to me as "type A," which means that I'm goal-oriented and driven about my passions. I've always been hugely interested in the intersection of human behavior, art, and technology, which is what brought me to UX design. For the past year, I have been an instructor for TechGirlz, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations. Starting in Fall 2019, I will be attending CU-Boulder in pursuit of a Master of Science in Technology, Media and Society. Needless to say, I count myself lucky for loving what I do as much as I do.

In my free time, I like to hike, go to yoga, and draw. I'm a proud cat mom to a four-year-old gray tabby named Felix, who loves to play and chat about his day. Want to know more? Contact me.